How to recreate this rule using RM 4.0?

I'm trying to redo all of my rules in RM 4.0, but I'm running into some issues with this one. My house is just off of a main road, and there are times when we drive past our street without actually turning into the neighborhood to go home. I have it set up to wait 15 seconds before opening the garage and setting the mode to home. If we don't remain "present" during that 15-second delay, then it cancels the action. Since RM 4.0 seems to have gotten rid of the cancel on truth change option, I'm having an issue figuring out how to make this work. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Sean (device) change


If Sean is present THEN
Delay actions 15 seconds (Cancelable)
Garage Open: Garage Door
Mode: Home
Else If
Cancel Delayed Actions
End If


Just to clarify, does the rule continue to check for the IF statement (me being present) throughout the 15 second delay, or does it only check before starting the chain of actions? If it's the latter, then wouldn't I want the delay BEFORE the IF statement?

I use the Locative app on my iPhone for presence detection. It tends to be pretty instantaneous in regards to updating my location.

I've made the geofence as small as it will go, but it still triggers when I drive past my neighborhood. While the circle in the app doesn't overlap the main road, the (in)accuracy of the phone's GPS causes false positives when I drive by.

I'll have to check when I get home from work today.