How to push a button using MakerAPI

Trying to push a Xiaomi button using Maker API as follows (based on what I've read elsewhere):

Nothing doing.

Getting this to the browser:

Getting this in the logs:

Button exists and is authorized in MakerAPI.

As far as I know there are no commands for PushableButton.

I was basing the above on this thread...but can't get it working. Maybe my button is incorrectly addressed or something...

What driver are you using? Does it support the push command?

That's a damned good question. It's the "Aqara Button" driver by @veeceeoh. On the device page, there is no option to push, doubleTap or hold the button. So, hmm, maybe not. Yet the button does respond to those physical events and reports them ok. Maybe I can find another driver...

http://yourIP/apps/api/yourappID/devices/[Device ID]/commands?access_token=YourToken

It should give you the available commands.

Aha! I just get resetBatteryReplacedDate which is also the only option available on the device page. Bingo. Will have to find another driver then I guess. Will try Markus' - I use his for other Xiaomi products and maybe that will support what I need.

Ah, same. No ability to push etc.
Hmm, not sure what to try next.

Hey @markus - trying to execute a MakerAPI command to push a button. It seems it should be possible (based on what I read in another thread) but I can't get it working. I see that your driver for Xiaomi buttons doesn't include the ability to operate the button from the device page and so (I guess) I cannot address those commands using MakerAPI? Not sure if I'm making this more complicated than it should be or doing something incorrect?

Normally that command is only implemented for Virtual button devices. It wouldn't be hard to add it though. It would probably be easiest to just add a virtual button device which triggers the same thing though?

Yeah, I figured that out in the end today but it's a pain to have to set up a shadow virtual device then link the 3 triggers (push, double tap and held). It would be so much easier if they could be added to the button device directly if its not too much trouble! I mean, a switch driver has on and off implemented. I suppose for a switch it's the device state rather than the action. But plenty of drivers have actions implemented :man_shrugging:

Ah anyway, if you can implement it, it would be much appreciated! :pray: