How to publish my own driver?

Hi ,all:
When selecting the DTH file for the device, I can see that there are many options in the system directory, and I can also select the DTH file created by myself in the user directory. Now I want to publish what I created-so that users can see the DTH file I created in the system directory, how can I do it, and where can I find relevant help documents?

Thank you! Your reply made me understand the direction of my efforts!


Also, device type handler is a smartthings term.

The equivalent term for Hubitat is driver.

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Edit: there’s also a link to the hub documentation pages at the top of every forum page.


Before publishing your device driver to the community, I suggest that you post a thread on this forum seeking beta testers who have a similar device to help you test the device driver you have created. That allows you to communicate with a small number of users who might find flaws in your driver, suggest ways to improve it, etc. Since it appears you are relatively new to the Hubitat environment, some of the folks who have created device drivers for the community should be an invaluable resource for you.

Once a device driver is published to the entire community, you have at least some obligation to provide support to users who may have issues with the driver. Dealing with a small group of experienced users first is a far better way to proceed.


Great advice overall, except this is not really true. It’s up to the person releasing the code.


I'm a beginer to Groovy, And I am a Windows operating system user. So I can't understand how to use hubitat-packagemanager.
Where is hubitat-packagemanager installed? And how to install hubitat-packagemanager?
Please forgive my ignorance, thank you! (I have completed the first two steps. But I am stuck here.)

About " Add the driver to the Community Device Drivers list", I
find that I can not edit or reply the topic, What should I do to add my driver to the list?

Welcome aboard! You should be able to do it now.

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