How to present power data from SmartThings Outlet

I have a SmartThings outlet that is reporting power - I can see it in the logs. How do I get that data into a dashboard?

If it reports similarly to a Zigbee outlet adapter I have, I manually added the attribute 'power' to the dashboard tile and that tile now shows the power. See attached for details:


That was it - I was looking for a drop-down option, not a variable.


I have selected my Zigbee plug and used attribute in the tile/dashboard and nothing shows. How did you get it to display the value?


The attribute needs to be entered exactly as it appears on the device page. Maybe try using lower case letters or maybe an underscore between words?

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Should be all lowercase β€œpower” for the attribute.

Holy balls, how dumb of me to think the attribute was NoT case sensitive

tHANKS rICK :slight_smile: