How to overide a motion sensor

Hi guys, really hoping someone could show me the way to go on this one.

Im using a fibaro switch 2 with a motion sensor for my bathroom light. But my girlfriend has had enough of the light turning on in the middle of the night when she gets up and walks past the bathroom.

How can i override the motion sensor with a rule so that between midnight and 6am the switch will not activate at all?

Help needed desperately for an unhappy girlfriend :joy:

What are you using for the automation?

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The motion sensor, activates the fibaro switch 2 so it turns on rhe light, and within the fibaro settings, ive set it to stay on for 30 seconds, and each motion resets the countdown.

me personally, I use Modes. I have a virtual switch so when I go to bed I tell the house 'Good night'. this set me to 'Not Awake'. Not awake is the trigger for 'sleeping'. in this way I'm not using any time frame for sleeping - if I sleep in, or go to bed late, makes not matter.
I then use 'I'm up' as the voice command to start the day. That triggers 'I'm awake' to go True, and fires mode manager to determine what mode I'm in.
Next, set your motion sensor routine to have modes. Turn on (or off) whatever modes you don't want functionality.
Another factor - my GF also hates lights at night - so I put dimmable CT bulbs and have them go down to 10%. Its perfect for us.
You may also consider moving the motion sensor...

I think @FriedCheese2006 meant which Hubitat app are you using to create this automation.

It’s absolutely possible to restrict the automation from running at certain times.

But the details of how to do so depend on which app you used to create the automation.

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