How to move my hubprotect subscriptions to my new C8s?

Previously had 8 C5s in my home. Paring it down to 2x C8 and 1x C7. How can I move 3 of my old hub protect subscriptions to my C8s and C7?

Found a form here on the forum but no response for over two weeks. If anyone can help please let me know. Thanks much in advance!


As mentioned earlier in response to your message, if you didn't do so already, please visit the following page to create a case. I am not entirely sure what form you came across here in the community, but we didn't receive a case for your account:


Filled out this same form several days ago. No response so far.

You went here? Subscriptions – Hubitat Support

Yes, filled in the form, got a form accepted message or something similar. Did not receive any emails.

I can confirm that your case is in the queue, you can expect a response within a business day (our support is closed for the weekend).

Great! Thanks