How to migrate from C5 to C7 with 1 subscription?

I bought a C7 last November in anticipation of being able to migrate from my C5 when the Hub Protect cloud service was available. I have no intention of using my C5 after it's been migrated. How can I migrate to my C7 without buying 2 subscriptions?

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NM me. Had C4 in my head. :man_facepalming:


You only need a subscription from the hub that you are migrating FROM. So buy a subscription for your C-5. Back it up remotely and restore on to your C-7.

If the C7 was part of a warranty replacement for the C5, then the subscription will automatically transfer to the C-7. Otherwise, you'll need a new Hub Protect subscription for your C-7 (if you want to protect it), and can cancel the one for the C-5.


You cannot migrate the subscription, but you don't need to have it on both hubs to migrate.
The C-5 has to have the subscription to backup. The C-7 will show Migrate.


I'll just point out that if your goal is to migrate AND have the new hub included in the Hub Protect service you will have to subscribe to the Protect service on both hubs (so 2x, $50 total if you use the multi-hub discount). If that's the goal, consider the one on your C-5 a "fee for migrating" if it helps rationalize the cost on that hub (cancelling it on the C-5 after migration does not refund the cost).

If you don't care if the new C-7 is in Hub Protect, then you would only need 1 subscription - on the C-5.

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I was probably a little hasty in purchasing the C7 back in November, it's now outside of the 90 day warranty period. At the time I just assumed that the Hub Protection cloud service would be made available soon. Today is the first time I've opened the C7's box.

The question is if I buy the subscription for my C5 and migrate to the C7, if the C7 fails during or after the migration, can I still buy a subscription for it?

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I purchased the C7 when it was announced and (wrongly) assumed that this service would be about migrating TO the C7 and supporting the C7. How it works is basically back-wards :(.

I'd be totally fine paying only for the C7 service as I plan to migrate everything to my C7 and won't care about my C5. Huh.

Why would the protection plan not migrate to the C7, this does not make sense. The point is if a hub fails it can be migrated to a new hub. How is this any different then if you receive a new hub from HE if yours had a hardware issue? If the hub fails the protection plan would need to be covering the new hub, so therefore there is a different hub involved just like a migration.

The difference is that the C-5 is functional; it can be used, or reset and sold.

Still has no bearing on this being possible, I guess I just don't see any reason to not allow a migration. The protection service would still only be on 1 hub at a time. Forcing someone to pay for a hub that is not being used does not make sense, even if you could get a prorated refund for the second protection plan would be better option.

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There is no technical limitation I can think of. So yes, it could probably be done that way. They just didn't license it like that. At least not for now.

Maybe it will change in the future, maybe not? Maybe there will be a different 1 time migration fee option at a lower cost for that scenario? Dunno.

For now, it is what it is. A 2nd hub Hub Protect license is only $20, so it isn't the hill to die on in my opinion. But each to their own.


Thank you for your feedback. We added your request to future enhancements. There is a difference between a warranty replacement vs. service migration. The warranty requires support intervention. The capability of migrating the service doesn't exist (yet).


I'll second that I want to migrate from a C5 to a C7 and paying $30 for essentially 1 day of protection or less on the existing hub and throwing the money away for the rest of the year is a waste. I have no issues paying the $30 for an active hub, but having to pay $50 for the first year isn't attractive.

They may lose out on any revenue from me as I might just re-pair all the devices instead of paying the $50 the first year and $30 recurring. Seems like a poor business model as it is a disincentive for both hardware upgrades and signing up for the hub protect service.

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Following.... I purchased a C7 last year under the assumption the restore service was only weeks away. My plan was / is to replace my c5 with the c7 and keep the c5 as a backup. Hubitat should make it clear that you have to purchase two subscriptions to do this. I understand you can cancel the service on our old hubs... so then you should credit us with the balance of the subscription left on that hub. In general Hubitat has been a great value, except this. The ability to backup your hub to a replacement is half the cost of the hub. If you all are trying to add a ton of revenue, just charge us $50/yr for this service and let people decide if it is worth it. Nobody likes being nickel and dime’d.. it is a let down IMO

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Add me to the list the finds it strange to either buy 1 subscription for a migration and have the new hub unprotected - or - buy 2 subscriptions and not use the old hub subscription.

I assumed, wrongly, the hub protection service would follow a configuration/database and not a physical hub. i.e. Backup all the devices and settings that is my house, have "my house" protected, be able to transfer "my house" to other devices, but only be limited to have 1 copy of "my house" running somewhere at a time (unless I paid for 2 or more subscriptions to have it on 2 or more hubs).

The extended warranty is a little perceived value to me. If my hub dies outside of 90 days, buying another one is not a big deal as it is likely a very low odds occurrence. Transferring a configuration database without visiting a hundred or more devices is the real value I assumed the protection service was going to provide for a single subscription.


I am not in this camp because I did a manual migration back in September and did purchase the hub protection for my C7.

But surely if someone puts HP on a C5 and the migrates to a C7, I’m sure they could email you and have you twiddle some bits to migrate the HP to the new hub.

Edit. That said, maybe you should have come out with a $30 migration only option :wink:

Edit 2: yes my attempt at humor


Add me to the list. I just purchased a C7 and hub protect on my C5, solely for the purposes of the migration to the C7. Looks like I purchased hub protect for a week to ease the migration.

And, only Z-Wave migration easing at that.

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Depending on the number and location of the Z-Wave devices, it could be worth it. :wink:

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True it could well be worth it!! @wnc.dave

However, the UX is not up to Hubitat standards. In general they have a great value proposition charging only for the hardware cost and no licensing fees. Awesome value!! Providing an additional service such as Hub Protect is is a great way to offer value and increase revenues per customer. I am delighted to pay for this service to help support the business and ongoing support that I receive from both the community and Hubitat support. However, the "double dipping" just leaves a bad taste that tarnishes an awesome franchise and valuable service. It's not the amount it's the implementation. In the grand scheme, a small nit. Hopefully, they will have a chance to smooth it out.