How to Interpret C5 Zwave Topology

Is there a more intuitive way to interpret Zwave topology? I would like to see what sensors are routing via which Zwave outlet or light switch or doing multiple hops. I can’t figure out how the values in Device’s InClusters or “Zwave Radio Devices” in setting could tell me how each contact or motion sensor going through which light switch or repeater to the HE hub.

Can someone shed any lights?

Thanks in advance.

InClusters and OutClusters have nothing to do with zwave routing. They indicate the zwave command classes supported by the device.

With the C-5, you will need a secondary controller to see any zwave routing or topology. The C-7 has a brand new zwave stack that displays this information.

When I used my C-5 as a zwave controller, I used Z-Wave Toolbox to diagnose the zwave mesh. But there are many less expensive options.


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