How to install duplicate copies of an app? (IFTTT, Alexa, etc.)


Howdy y'all,

I recently acquired a roommate who is also tech-savvy, and we need to figure out how to make things play nice. Previously on ST whenever something like this would come up, I would just install another copy of whatever app, and give it new/different credentials. On Hubitat, trying to install the app again just brings me to the previously-installed instance.

Specifically it would be really nice to be able to install two IFTTT and two Alexa. Use case: I want to give my roommate's Amazon Echo access to specific devices, and integrate his IFTTT automations in a way where he has granular control over all that.

Would this require finding a user-created app to install, or what?




You can install multiple instances of some HE apps. But since Alexa and IFTTT must be linked to external accounts, Iā€™m pretty sure only one instance is allowed in those two cases.


I think I figured out a work-around for getting my rommmate connected, just by installing the skill on his end, and when I log into hubitat, I can select the devices... however, that will be a major pain when any changes are made. I rather enjoy being able to change the devices in real-time (ish) from the Hubitat side.


How about adding a second Hubitat hub, join the two with HubConnect, register the second hub to roommates Alexa/ifttt accounts, then choose what you share from the master. Giving him control over the slave hub would be optional.

Great use for the on-sale Hubitat hubs over the weekend.


hmmm yeah that's lame. Plus that would probably degrade radio signals.


Nah, no degradation to radio signals.

You don't even have to connect any radio devices to the second hub - just mirror them using HubConnect. THere are many of us doing exactly this with 2, 3 or even 4 Hubitat hubs (plus a SmartThings and a Homelink connection).

Short money to attain what you're asking for.


So if I use hubconnect, would that then give my roommate access to integrate into whatever service he wanted without any interaction on my end other than allow access via HC? That definitely beats having to log into the Alexa skill from his phone every time I make a change to the house.


Precisely. And YOU control which devices on your primary hub get mirrored to his slave hub...he will have to then assign those devices to be shared to Alexa and scan for devices if he wants to use/control them.


Okie dokie. I agree this is path of least resistance, and he is actually going to pull his HE hub out of storage. It seems that this is merely a software change that can be made, but I am quite familiar that something like that is easier said than done.

Same reason I have my Arlo cameras tied into an old ST hub location (hub has been offline for like a year,) but using the APIs to get individual camera on/off control. I still need to check the Arlo API to see if I can somehow get that working directly.