How to implement tank level alarm switch

I modified a Ring Contact sensor to use it as a method to give an alarm of a high effluent tank level by soldering leads across the reed switch. It will be wired to a alarm box that has dry contacts to indicate a High level condition in the tank. My question is I added it to my Zwave mesh and it works great but when I show it on the dashboard the only way is using the "Window Template" tile. Is there a way of modifying the template to change the color when the contact is closed to Red and open in green. Also change the icon from a window to something else. Also I wish to use this device to trigger an Aeotec Siren 6 device and how to use rule machine or something else to do this. I am a newbe so please be kind....thanks...

You can change the colour and icons in the template section of the dashboard settings.

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Thanks.....just changed the tile...lovely! Now have to figure out how to trigger the Aeotec Siren 6