How to group Thermostats

Hi all,

1 - is there a way to create a thermostat group to manage a number or thermostats at the same time ? ( like set them all to a certain temperature or mode on one click )

Also, I have sensibo pods and installed the Sensibo integration, I have 2 questions

2- How come I don't get the "DRY" mode as a mode choice for my A/C ?

3- Fan mode does not let me choose Fan speed, is there a way to control that?

Thank you

I'm pretty sure you could create a Virtual Thermostat and then use Rule Machine to adjust both thermostats based upon what was changed on the Virtual Thermostat. Someone else may have a better thought/option.

Thank you for the suggestion and reply
I tried but it seems overly complicated, I would have hoped for a simple "group" just like lights groups


Because the Sensibo integration is not built-in integration, I'd recommend posting this in the Sensibo thread. There's a better chance of someone knowledgeable seeing your questions.