How to find the matching device for an ID?

I miss the device ID in the device list (/device/list): Not the DNI, but the internal device-number used in "/device/edit/nnn".

This number is e.g. used in error messages of RM. And it was difficult for me to find the matching device. So I used "/apps/api/97/devices?..." and searched for the ID in the listing.

Is there a more efficient option to find the device by the ID?

Depends what you know about the device, such as it's name or driver, or if it has been assigned a room, etc. Each of these details could be used to search for the device

Another option would be if you know where the device is likely to be used, such as apps it is used in, you can look in the app settings page to find the device id.

sorry, I've expressed myself misleadingly: I want to find the devices by their ID.

Ah, I think I see the issue, something that took me some time to find out (Bruce pointed this out for me in a thread). In the logs page, click on the log type to open the device or app that the log relates to. So click on the "error" or "warn" or "debug" text and the app or device will open in another tab.

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If you know the id, you can also type it in the search field at the top of the device list


Also, on Devices page you can hover over a device and it will display the path to it, on the bottom of the page, as in "/device/edit/nnn"



Thank you for your guidance to the advanced options of the GUI!

This works on Chrome, but not on Safari on a Mac.

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If you mean an entry in the logs then you can click on the graphic that says warn, debug, info, error etc. and it'll take you directly to the relevant device or app.