How to Dismiss HSM Alert & Stop Flashing Lights?

Noob question which seems very basic but wasn't able to find this in the Community or Hubitat YouTube Channel.

I setup HSM with the alert to be a SMS and flashing lights. I must have accidentally set the alert for when I was home as it went off when I walked into a room - I received the SMS as expected and all the lights started to flash.... all good until I couldn't figure out how to acknowledge/cancel the alert so that the lights would stop flashing. It quickly became frustrating trying navigate the screens with the light above you strobing when it was dark outside :wink: Thankfully I had not migrated my sirens yet.

I tried to disarm HSM and when that did not work, I deleted HSM but the lights kept flashing. I finally gave up and unplugged the hub for the night. Where do we acknowledge/dismiss the alert and have the alert actions stop?

Depending on how you set up HSM. There are a few way to disarm the alarm.

  1. By going into the HSM and turn off the Arm-away/arm-home or cancel alert.
  2. There is a setting to disarm with various way such as change mode, light switch etc. I created a virtual switch called "mode home" cancel the alerts.

Thanks. I did try turning off the armed state and the lights kept flashing. I don't recall seeing the cancel alerts option so will pay closer attention when I try to set it up again.

I'll definitely setup a button to change the mode to see if that helps but the problem last night was that I must have accidentally set alerts for home as it didn't matter what mode I put the hub in, the lights kept flashing. I was assuming there would be a dashboard of sometime (not one I had to create) like there is in ST where you can see the status can cancel the alert.

Hopefully then mobile app they are working on will help streamline this Vs getting a PC out, browsing to the Hub website, and taking action. In the meantime,

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I think you have to set the mode to disarm the alarm here otherwise it will keep triggering the alarm.

Just wondering if you set up a virtual switch ‘Disarm Foo” could you have Alexa ‘turn on disarm foo’ to set the virtual switch and a rule if disarm foo is ‘on’ disarm HSM

It makes sense to me but that doesn’t mean it is right or will work

More things to test while it rains this weekend :+1:t2:

Sorry , new to Hubitat and saw your post on cancelling alerts. I'm setting up HSM. In a convoluted way, I have it when HSM detects an intrusion, besides turning lights on, I have it turn on a zigbee outlet switch which I have connected to a AC to DC power adapter which I plugged a 12v strobe siren into. So when HSM detects an intrusion the lights come on, the Zigbee plug is activated which turns on the strobe siren. I know, crazy lolo. What I'm trying to do is have after 3 minutes, have Hubitat turn off the intrusion alert thereby turning off the lights and Zigbee plug and strobe siren. Is there a way to set a duration for how long the intrusion alert stays on and can I make a rule to have it turn off automatically after 3 minutes. Thanks for any help!

You could do this a number of ways. Using RM you could have a Trigger that detects the Zigbee plug being turned on, or detects HSM reporting the intrusion alert -- either would work. Then in that Trigger you simply have a delayed off after 3 minutes, to turn off the Zigbee plug. It could also cancel HSM alerts if you want, or disarm HSM. But this probably isn't what you should do. If all you want is for the siren to sound for at most 3 minutes, then a simple Trigger can do that.

Really appreciate your help because my heads been spinning looking through the community so as not to bother anyone. Do I choose DEFINE a Trigger or Define a Trigger Rule

Other than going into the HSM app there doesn't appear to be a way to disarm/reset the Smoke/CO monitor. It would be helpful to have a way to reset things especially for a smoky kitchen situation. It happens!

Does this seem right?

Name the Triggered Rule*

Select Trigger Events
Alarm Sylvania Outlet physical on

Select Conditions
Alarm Sylvania Outlet on [FALSE]

Define Rule
Alarm Sylvania Outlet on [FALSE]

Select Actions for True
Delay by 3 minutes Off: Alarm Sylvania Outlet

Select Actions for False
Click to set

Enable rule logging


RemoveDone with Triggered Rule

You just want a Trigger, not a Triggered Rule. And don't use physical on, just on.

Trigger Event: Alarm Sylvania Outlet on
Action: Delay by 3 minutes off Alarm Sylvania Outlet

You have the patience of a Saint! I can't thank you enough. Recently retired and trying to keep my mind active with Hubitat. I tried it and all works perfect, THANKS TO YOU!

One last question - If there is an intrusion alert and now the Sylvania outlet goes off after 3 minutes, Am I correct that in order for the intrusion alert to go off again, I would first have to disarm HSM then REARM HSM to arm away? Thank you soooo much again. It was just so confusing with "trigger rule" or "define trigger" and "physical on" and just "on"

The alert would need to be cancelled. Cancelling an alert does not disarm HSM. You can cancel the alert from the HSM UI, or by other means you setup in HSM to do that (button or switch). Or, you can cancel it from Rule Machine if there is some logic that makes sense for that.

Once the alert is cancelled, it can go off again for a subsequent intrusion event.

Much appreciated! Little by little I'm getting it, thanks again

Saw this trigger from another one in the community. Is this what you meant about canceling the alert and HSM would rearm?
Please, if its not, no worry, don't want to bother you any further, you've been a tremendous help and don't want to take advantage.

Yes, that's what I meant.

You don't need a Triggered Rule, you can just use a simple Trigger. HSM is not going to throw an intrusion alert if it's not armed, so all of those Conditions and Rule is unnecessary.

OK! Thanks again! I'll give it a try lololo