How to Discover Hub using UPnP

Does anyone know how the Hubitat app is able to discover the Hub automatically (when on the same network)? Is it using SSDP/UPNP?

I found a UPNP app and looked to see my Hub could be seen.. but, nothing.

upnp isn't turned on in HE. Your better bet is to simply use DHCP to assign a reserved IP address (recommended anyway).

Hubs will respond to ssdp...

Awesome! thanks.. I installed UPnP Browser on my phone and it found my hub right away.

The Mac UPNP app I was using must not have been looking for everything since it never found the hub.

@mike.maxwell - by any chance did something change in regards to UPnP support?

I noticed that I'm detecting the Hubitat Hub but the IP address isn't accurate.. I'm on a 192.168.0.X network.. I'm not even sure what that 169.254.10.X network is but it's definitely not the correct IP address.

 discoverHub: found:, UPnPDevice(rawString=HTTP/1.1 200 OK  CACHE-CONTROL: max-age=1800  LOCATION:  ST: urn:Hubitat:device:hub:1  NTS: Home  USN: uuid:e81a7f36-9fac-4716-adc5-132fc9092e8a    , url=, server=null, mProperties=

Well this might explain it.. but not sure where this IP is coming from. I access my hub using and it gets this via DHCP

last note -- looks like I should have searched for this issue first since it's here: Hubitat IP address getting replaced - #9 by fdelima

I thought it was a UPnP issue but really unrelated to that

169.x is a default ip when the hub (or other devices) don't get an address from DHCP... Shut down the hub, unplug it at the wall for 5 mins and power back up and see if it corrects itself.


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