How to delete virtual device (which has no delete button)?


Yeah, I goofed and created a virtual device with some invalid HTML, which in turn wipes out the rest of the device page. So I have no button to delete the device. I modified the driver code to try to remove the invalid HTML, but I think the initialize button that shows up on the device page is not firing. Is there a URL I can use to delete the device, or do I need to submit a request to support?


I’d reach out to support and @bobbyD will help you.


How about just restoring your latest backup?


Did that :point_up:, thank you! It also was a good nudge that I need to make a back-up before I try weird stuff!


Yeah, the time to backup is 1 minus the moment you realize you needed to backup.


I think it's actually the moment you realise you needed a backup minus 1 :wink:


Had exactly this problem last night and went to bed frustrated. A quick search on the forum here found this discussion and solved the problem. Pretty nice that the hub keeps a few days of backups on hand by default. :slight_smile: