How to delay off a bulb after 10min?

I am getting stuck on something that I would think is simple. I would like to turn off a smart bulb whenever the status of it is showing ON because the light was turned on manually.

In RM I see capabilities for when a Switch is flipped but what about just monitoring a status of a bulb coming on to delay off after 10 minutes?

As long as your device (switch/bulb) reports the state change, this one is easy.
Rule Manager has a Delay option in the Actions setup. In the case below, I use a trigger, when the light is turned on, the rule is triggered and the action delay count down begins.

If you chose a rule instead of a trigger, you even have the option to cancel the countdown on truth change for more complex scenarios.

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When you say the "bulb was turned on manually"? What do you mean? Do you mean that you applied power to the bulb through a "dumb" switch? This is not the proper way to control smart-bulbs. They should have power 24/7.

A bulb will report that it is On whenever it is on. Not just when it is "turned on manually"...whatever you mean by that.

That is correct. The bulb could powered on by the dumb wall switch (thank you to the wife) or it could be switched on by Alexa voice command.

How would you "power it on by the dumb wall switch"? Turn the power off and back on?

Not all bulbs will report their state on boot. For example, Cree bulbs connected directly connected to HE do not report the On event when they boot up (come on from Power on event).

It is a bedroom light. The wall switch powers up the lamp which has the GE Link bulb.

I am trying to mimic what I did on SmartThings when I would set the "Power Allowance" to be 10 minutes. I never understood the logic of calling it Power Allowance but it sure worked great as a time delay off when the light load tripped to the ON status.