How to debug scene change issues?

I have a scene that affects a large number of lights in the house, mostly Lutron, some Hue.

When I press the button to activate the scene or activate it via Google Assistant+IFTTT about half the lights will shift to the scene's setting, If I press Activate again usually the remaining lights will change, sometime I'll have to press the button a 3rd time.

It doesn't appear that the Groups & Scenes app has debug settings, does anyone else have this issue, or know a solve for it?

Devices tab, (scene name) device, there is a logging option in there. Is that on?

Not sure if it will do what you want, but worth a try.

Hmmm, the scene didn't have a device associated with it (but my other scenes did) that might have been part of the issue. I recreated a new scene and copied the settings over to that one, it has an activator device now. One step forward, thanks for the suggestion!