How to control water valve from scene controller

I have a zooz titan water valve (ZAC36) and a zooz scene controller (zen32). I am trying to figure out how to control the valve from the scene controller. The scene controller instructions say to use simple automations which I have tested and works great for lights but I can not select the water valve.

My goal is to setup one button to be a toggle for the water valve and have the LED on that button be Green for open and Red for closed. I already know how to do the LED control using the rule manager but I do not know the easiest way to control the valve from the scene controller as a toggle.

I am sure there are 10 ways to do this and I could probably put something quite complicated together using virtual switches and the rule manager but figured maybe the community would guide me in the direction of the easiest solution.


There is no direct support for a water valve in the simple rules app, but my water valve also identifies as a switch, and you can control a switch with simple rules. However, I'm not sure you'll be able to use simple rules to change the color of the LED. You may be better off using the button controller app or RM. You may need to use a custom action to change the LED color since it doesn't look like the scene controller shows up as a bulb.

Thinking this might work. Not sure I got the parameters right since I don't actually have one of these scene controllers.

Rule manager, not complicated.

You could set the LED color in the same if/else logic in this rule or if you want to do it after it has finished changing state use another rules similar to this (I am turning LED on/off).

Thanks! I will try these ideas out.

Thanks, this worked great!

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