How to control my ceiling fan

I have 4 ceiling fans ( Ashby Park 52 in. White Color Changing Integrated LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote Control) they came with the house, they have an integrated remote control and led. What or how I can integrate them to my Hubitat eco system? Adding a wall witch only turns on/off but I want to be able to control speed and the light.

Integrating via Bond is likely your best bet.

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Thanks! You mean bond bridge ? I’m gonna look into it. Does hubitat have an app for the bridge?

Is the remote RF or IR? If it were RF than go with bond. You could use the switchbot IR hub if it's IR.

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Two options, one provided by Hubitat, the other provided by a community member, who has moved on, but his work is still available.

Community app:

Built-in Bond integration is available from the Built In App button on the apps tab:

Are the fan/light on separate wall switches? Looks like they have AC motors, so you should be able to use any 3-speed fan controller switch. If they aren't separate switches, then the bond integration is probably your only option to get speed control of the fan.

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The come with a remote integrated. I have to use the remote to turn on/off the fan or lights.

Right, but you still have a switch on the wall, correct? I presume it's just one then.

Yes, just to kill the power

What I've done in a couple locations where I only have fan power on/off at the wall switch, is remove the wall switch and wired the fan power permanently on in the box. Then replace the wall switch w/a Pico in a switch mount and control the fan w/the Pico/Bond Bridge/HE Bond integration. Works quite well. You could do something similar w/other button devices.

If using Bond approach, you could also just leave the wall switch as is, turn it on and use a separate button device to control the fan via the Bond/Bond integration. In that case you need to make sure the original switch is always left on.

You can check on the Bond web site to see if your fan is supported...depends on the RF signal it's using.

"The Bond Bridge supports devices that are controlled by RF remotes within the radio frequency range of 300-450mhz and IR devices that uses 38kHz OOK modulation"

There's an option on that page to search for your fan remote's FCC ID (on the back of the fan).

Thanks !

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