How to connect wired motion detector to hubitat hub

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I'm new on Hubitat world and I have a simple question. How can I connect a wired motion sensor to hubitat hub ?
Basically, I want to comunicate with motion sensor by cable instead on RF way for security purposes ! Is there a way to do it? How? do you recommend someting in particular?

Thanks in advance for your answers! I try to search a several time for responses but i couldn't find any response :confused:

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There is a commercial product intended to do this: There is/was also a similar DIY project on SmartThings that you might still be able to find. I'm not sure if anyone ever did a Hubitat-specific writeup on this, but the steps would be pretty similar.

There might be other options (I suspect the HubDuino project you can also find here would do this, but I've never tried, and it's a lot more "DIY" than the above--but certainly an option if you have Arduino skills or can follow the directions anyway). Not sure what other ideas are out there, but I'm sure people will chime in with more!



I've not done what you're asking about, and I'm sure you'll get some more knowledgeable answers, but I do remember reading something relevant in this thread:


As @Ranchitat mentioned, this is very easy to accomplish using HubDuino and an inexpensive NodeMCU ESP8266 board (or similar.)


Thank you all for your responses :slight_smile: I think i will follow the hubduino way :slight_smile:

Is pretty cool to have a community so reactive ! Another good point of hubitat :smiley:

Have a nice day

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