How to configure 3 separate HEs?

RE: Configuring 3 separate HEs.

I have read lots of help postings but really would like to confirm how I should register the HEs.

I am installing three (3) separate Hubs Mine, Daughter 1 and Daughter 2.

I will be the programmer and installer for each location.

The objective is to be independent of each other and mine. I will not need remote access.

Do I need to create and register a separate HE account for each or can I register all three HEs on my HE account? I would like to not have an email address conflict when done.

Letโ€™s say the two daughter HE Apps and devices are the same, can I copy Apps and devices from HE1 to HE2? There is an Export/Import/Clone App in my apps, but donโ€™t know how it got there and how to uses it.

Who will be responsible for the maintenance, debugging, expansion, and troubleshooting of the hubs post-installation? If you plan on that being you forever, it might make sense to register them under a single email address, but then you're going to need to think about remote access. But if you want to hand over the administration to your daughters and make them independent at some point, I would use separate email addresses.

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Exporting/importing will allow you to export a rule to a file, move the file to a new hub, and import it. When you do the import you will be given an option to modify any of the devices to match new "local" devices. You can easily use this feature to replicate apps from one hub to another. Cloning is more suited for making a local copy of an app on the same hub.

Thanks for your help! yes, I will do the going maintenance, will not sign up for the remote cost thought. So will use their sign in to do Maintenace.

Net I will need to register each separate. thanks

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If you choose not to use Hubitat's remote service there are lots of other methods available, but you'll still need SOMETHING that gives you access remotely. Unless you plan on going over there when something needs tweaking. It could be a great excuse to visit but it could also get a bit monotonous.

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