How to Cancel Alerts when Alarm Disarmed

I am setting up HSM and during my testing I found the alerts still continue even after the alarm is disarmed. I am using a tablet to arm and disarm and would like to the disarm option on the dashboard to stop the sirens if accidentally triggered.

I also have the same problem, disarm is not the same as "cancel alerts" and even then you'll find cancel alerts does not respond immediately.
What type of sirens/alerts are you using?

I am using Honeywell wave 2 tone sirens that are part of my Konnected alarm system.

Ah, there maybe additional intricacies with the konnected interface. I only have zigbee and z-wave sirens, and those almost never cancel immediately, even after hitting disarm/cancel 50 times, while my wife is screaming "make it stop"

Not sure if I had a similar issue but what I did was create a rule that turns off my sirens (they appear to HE as switches) when HSM disarms. That seemed to fix my sirens continuing to sound for me.

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I have this hooked up to a z-wave plug

That's one serious siren!