How to cancel a rule completely


I have a rule to bring a light up to 80% over 10 minutes in the morning. However, if I ask Alexa to turn the light off sometime between the duration of the lights dimming up, how do I cancel the dimming up Rule? This didn't work this morning. The light just kept coming on.

First Rule: Lights dimming up

Second Rule to cancel the first:


Not sure if it would work or be correct but as RM essentially has while loops now. What would happen if you put the fade within a simple condition of IF light switch is ON ? The other option is you need to select cancel actions to rule A currently it's not canceling anything. It should say this rule or another one.

like this


In your second screenshot, it looks like you don't have a rule selected for your "Cancel Timed Actions" action. If this is your actual rule and not just a re-creation you made for demonstration purposes, I'd assume that would be the problem.

PS - Your second rule would do the same if your trigger was "off" instead of "changed," then you would only need the time conditional and not the "off" in the condition. What you have now is totally fine and leaves you room to expand more in the future (if you want to respond to it turning on) but is otherwise a couple more clicks than you need.

PPS - Related to that, another thing to consider is that this second rule's actions might not run if the switch was already off, but since it's the same light being controlled by the first rule (which should have it on), I'm guessing that wouldn't happen. In case you ever change this to a "virtual 'stop that other automation'" switch instead, you'd want to make sure the state truly gets changed so the RM trigger will fire.


For some reason I couldn't see any selection for selecting a rule for the Cancel action. I went in to Edit this action and I could then see rules available to cancel.