How to bypass a motion sensor

If it's stuck in an active or open state you could use a simple app to close it or mark it as inactive while you search for a battery. is one such app.


For each of my motion sensors I have a switch nearby, usually the device the motion is controlling, that I can disable by tapping up three times, and re-enable by tapping down three time. It's kind of a convention, but then again, I'm the only one who's at my place who's remembers.

The switches are GE/Jasco toggles using @JasonJoel 's driver which allows more buttons than the stock driver. The rules are Simple Automation and the taps close or open a restriction switch.

Completely agreed , this is what is happening !, it makes sense. Also I have tried to force the sensor to "inactive" from the detail page in hubitat but nothing change. Could you point me in the right direction to find this custom driver?

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This seems to be something good to have , where can I find this? in custom apps?

I have the old samsung smarttings motion sensors (zigbee), they are very reliable

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wow it is a bit advance for me but I'll check it , thank you

Yes it's a good idea , I can use the mirror device function maybe but I'll have to modify all my logic and pistons , I was trying to avoid that , thank you

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but you could use the Devices page. This came up the other day. There's a greyed out "X" that if you click on it a column opens up that lets you disable any device you want. See below.

It's also possible with a rule, see actions below.

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How did you get that??? mine dont have the checkbox.. I just updated to the newest
very interesting !!!

I'm telling you, it's grayed out up top. First you have to check that X and then the column becomes visible.


Plus, I just checked both ways out with my Hue motion and it works. Very easy.

I got it !! thank you so much , I will test it when i get back home !!!!


One day, I too will know what pistons do, lol.

You can try this driver, it should work with all Zigbee motion sensors that use the IAS messaging. Click on 'Advanced Options', select 'Other Motion Sensors (IAS)', Save the preferences. Then click Configure. Refresh the page (F5), you should see 'deviceProfile : NONTUYA_MOTION_IAS'.

If there is no any Zigbee message received form the sensor in the last 13 hours (battery report or any other check-in message ) the driver will reset the motion attribute to inactive (if it was stuck active), and will set the healthStatus to offline. If you decide to try it, you can comment on any issues in the driver thread. To return to the stock driver, use the inbuilt 'Device' driver to delete all custom states and scheduled jobs first.

With this driver I use Device Activity Check with healthCheck option to receive notifications for inactive devices. But the driver itself will reset the motion to inactive, which ensures your automations will not be screwed.. No need to modify anything in your pistons,

BTW, you could also check whether the current webCoRE versions give you access to Hubitat ''Last Activity" or 'Status' device properties. These can be used in most of the cases to determine whether a device is online or not, but these are not always correct, as they depend on the presumption, that the driver will send any event within a 24-hour period.

An example of wrong INACTIVE status by Device Health Status app - the Ikea outlet is always on, so it doesn't send any on/of messages, so Hunitat considers it as inactive/offline. Actually, the plug is working well and is acting as a repeater for many battery-powered device

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Hubitat Package Manager has it. Keyword Device Activity

I would just add a couple actions to that existing rule.
The first would be to set the device to inactive.
The second would be to notify you so you can change the battery.

Once it is inactive, it should not change status until you replace the battery and thereby effectively disable the device for any rules that are using it. Once the battery is replaced, it will start reporting again.

Thank you so Much to everyone with all of this feedback from the experts ! , I really appreciated the time and effort to replay me. I have a few solutions to try now. I will test and implement some of them for sure . Ones again tank you all

Totally off topic, but that driver is awesome. The amazing member contributions make the hub worth 5x it's price !!

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I know, right? I've got a house full of switches on that driver for years now.

On a more dark note, why isn't Hubitat coming out with more than one size fits all, ie, least common denominator, drivers?

I had a pet interest on updating firmware on interior Hue motion sensors and couldn't seem to generate any interest at all.

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