How to best approach programming buttons?

Hi there,

I just got my hubitat today and it is exactly what I was hoping for. I tried smart things for a couple of weeks and it just felt super laggy and inconsistent, hubitat is a huge improvement.

I'm starting out with a really basic setup, (1) smart things button and (4) Sengled RGB bulbs, with the hope of expanding to other rooms once I master this setup.

I ideally would like to do (3) things with the button.

-When pressing the button I would like to turn the light on at 100% brightness at 3200K
-When double tapping the button I would like to jump between scenes
-When holding down the button I would like to lower the brightness of whatever scene I am on.

It looks like there's a variety of ways to trigger things, Button Controller, Groups and Scenes, Motion Lighting Apps, Rule Machine, and a few others.

So far Button Controller seems like it's the most appropriate. However I've been having a hard time getting a simple On/Off toggle to function appropriately.

For instance I will have the "press" action linked to set the color temperature to 3200K while also toggling the dimmer on to 100%. However after toggling on and off a few times or changing the light settings through the dashboard it feels like the level sets itself to around 50% as opposed to the 100% level as intended. I basically want this button to always be able to bring my lights to full at 3200K or to always turn my lights off regardless of other settings that may be taking place.

Is there something fundamental that I am missing here? Are there other apps that will work better for my intended functionality?

Likewise how would one best approach cycling through scenes when double pressing the button? So far the best I have gotten when double pressing the button is essentially having all of the scenes fire at once and whichever one reaches the top first is essentially seen. I feel like there has to be a better way to program this that I am missing.

Thanks so much for all of the help and insight!

Recommend your look into this app.

The best button control app I've used on Hubitat. Very flexible and configurable.

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