How to automate this?

Hi! I would like to automate my father in law house, and I dont know how to automate the pool lightrs which are operated by breakers. If the lights were connected to normal wall swtiches, that would be easy, but how can I do it in this case? Is it possible?

Also, las time I did this was 2 years ago when I automate my appartment, and at that time I used ZOZZ switches and dimmers, and they worked fine. Is there any new brand that you would recomend price/quality benefit that I should check out?


Zooz has 20 Amp Z-wave relay devices (Zen 16) that may be what you are looking for.

You will have to look at what level of current is being switched to make sure this part has enough amperage.

You will also have to do some rewiring, but I would leave the circuit breaker in-line to protect against a short circuit.

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Thank you so much. So I will need to install normal circuit after the breakers to install this relay right?

As for the pool pump, is there something that can handle that kind of current?