How to Automate based on Duke Basketball Schedule?

There, my allegiance is revealed. I want to automate based on the Duke basketball schedule. Specifically, based on whether it is game day or not, and preferably also based on actual game time. I’ve seen some cool apps for indicating whether it’s an MLB game day or NHL game day, but nothing for college basketball. I’ve also seen the gcalendar integration by @bptworld but doesn’t look like it can read events on the calendar. Any other ideas on how to get Duke basketball game day info into HE? Go ahead, UNC fans, start misleading me down a red herring path! :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I have searched for a few options on an API into college basketball schedules, but haven’t come across any free options that aren’t geared towards commercial use. Any ideas there could lead to me developing something if needed.

UNC grad here, Go Heels! :joy:

There was a calendar integration built on ST that was ported over years ago. I refactored it for my own use and posted a link a long while ago but know it’s buried in one of the “ics” threads. Been meaning to create a post with more details in setup. Maybe I can finally get this done given rainy day here in NC today. So if you have the game schedule loaded in your Google calendar this solution could toggle a switch and from there you can create other rules based on this switch.

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i want an automation that will trigger when Coach K announces his retirement :wink:


I see LOTS of applications for that!

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Ah! Blasphemy! But funny :rofl: Too bad I like Hubert Davis:)

@JustinL I just posted the code to Git and details in this thread:

I ended up finding a good API from and developed something specific for this use case. See here: [BETA] GameTime - Go Duke!

What a wonderful day! Just playing folks :sunglasses:

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Haha what a timely thread....So, that automation you set up for today, I assume it cycled all your color lights through the rainbow while simultaneously blasting the Ding Dong the Witch is Dead song on your speakers, with Roomba vacuums dancing? :rofl:

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