How to add WF-CS01 (no flashing)


Sorry for my english, I'm Dutch speaking.
I have my hubitat over a year now. Adding Aqara sensors, ikea plugs, tp-link plugs, yeelights, philips hue etc... some stayed and some where just for trying/learning/fun.
I even got myself some graph on hubitat for my temprature... proud of myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever since i started smart home i can't add my 'WF-CS01' switches to hubitat.
I've read about flashing this or that but i don't like that idea... i'm no hero on that part everything i know is by selfstudy... even my bad english is from movies and games

is there no way to add those devices to hubitat? without flashing them?
i can control them with my google home... i mean google nest.
tryed looking for a sollution but never found it...

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