How to add devices to an existing room?

It is clear that you can add a brand new Room and select one or more devices to exist in that room at that time. However once the room has been created I don't see a way to add another device to the room. Am I just missing a menu or button somewhere? There doesn't even seem to be a way to remove an existing device from a room after you create it. Is it just me?

One way is to go to Rooms -> click on room name -> open the Devices dropdown. There you can add/remove devices. Another way is Room dropdown on device details -> select a room or "No room assigned" to remove device from a room.


Ah OK, I see now. I clicked on the Room header assuming that would do it but it did nothing. I didn't realize that the Room name in the grid itself was a link but I guess once you know its easy :). Thanks for the tip.

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