How to add 2nd Hue Bridge

I have been using a Hue Bridge & the HE Hue Bridge Integration app just fine.
I just bought a 2nd Hue Bridge & added it fine with Hue Philips app & I've added some bulbs to it as my other bridge is maxed out with bulbs...again this is with the Hue Phillips app & not the HE Hue integration app.

How do I get the HE Hue Integrations app to "discover" the new 2nd Bridge? I only see my original Hue Bridge in the list & I see no "discover devices" in the HE Hue integrations app to do so.

You just have to add a second instance of the Hue Bridge Integration app: Apps > Add Built-in app > Hue Bridge Integration, basically setting up your second Bridge exactly as you did the first (an existing instance of the app kinda makes it look like you can add another Bridge there, but you can't).

Thank you! I got it working. It sure did look like you could add another bridge to it..didn't know you had to install app again. Thank you again!