How stable

Just out of curiosity. Has anyone not touch anything and things have just run stable over a long length of time yet ?

Not me.. Hubitat keeps improving the Platform, and I keep clicking Update. :frowning:


Depends.... I apply updates a week or so after release or when I remember to. However I have never had a hub lockup or freeze or any of the weird behaviors that others have reported. However I'm unique in that I don't run ANY apps or anything on my hubs. They are purely device controllers.

I run what is probably a pretty average system, with about 110 devices of all types, 19 Apps, 24 RM rules, 10 MLs, 5 SLs, Groups, Alexa, Ecobee, MakerAPI, several user apps and user drivers - its perfectly stable. Never slows down or hangs up. Runs for weeks at a time between reboots for updates. I know others have had issues, I seem to have escaped them.

Watch it all go to hell now that I've said that...


Not one missed action nor a single error in 2 months of spending way too much time setting up the house. Am ready to get a 2nd hub for z-wave fire alarms in the garage, this is the first hub I have tried that I would actually take seriously if it were to give me a fire alarm message.

I have about 120 devices, 7 apps (Groups, Ecobee Suite, Dashboard, HSM, Lock Code Manager, Rule Machine, Zone Motion Controller) and close to 200 rule machine rules and actions defined.

My only app's that are not Hubitat is the Ecobe Suite and the only device drivers that are not Hubitat's are from Inovelli, LANnouncer Alerter and Logitech Harmony..

Even though I purchased the hub last year I waited for a better rule implementation before diving in deep. It took me about a month to migrate all of this from SmartThings and during the migration there were 3 to 4 hub updates that I applied along the way. I applied the last update last week and never had to force a reboot etc. I haven't seen a slow down in any of my critical triggered actions but some of my programmatic that heavily use global variables do get delays but those actions are based mostly on house mode and daylight/night transitions.

I would say it's been stable for me because I am doing most of my stuff in the native code and well vetted out drivers.

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I also migrated from ST (which has been quite stable for me)
Running around 70 devices, 30 rules and 4 apps.

It took me awhile to migrate all pistons to RM4, but managed to do so.

Using HE for about a month or so, very stable so far.
Only one Xiaomi sensor dropped once (out of 30) bit I think the mesh is not reaching that spot quite well.

For zigbee, only using ikea and Xiaomi devices. Have nothing else on zigbee.
Next to some Z-Wave qubinos and plugs.

So far all good!

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I've only been running Hubitat since...February (I think) but I have found it to be remarkably stable. I did have overheating problems, but that was purely my own fault!

Beyond that, in my early days of using it, I had a zwave switch or two drop off the network, and one single time (just the other day) both of my Hampton Bay Fan controllers dropped off my Zigbee mesh simultaneously.

But even my HBFCs have been remarkably stable considering all the complaints I've seen about them.

If I left stuff alone and just went with what I have, I think it would run pretty flawlessly.


So, I have had Hubitat for 4 months now and I could not be more disappointed! This platform is completely unstable.

I migrated from Smarthings hoping that I would get greater control. This is true... But!:

  1. Motion Sensors work 60% of the time!!! WTF I walk in a room and NO LIGHTS! walk back out wait 30 seconds and OK you work now.
  2. Arrival and leave... unreliable! so what this means it that 1/2 the time MY HOUSE IS UNLOCKED!!! again WTF!!!

I could go on and on...

My question WHO has this system working 100% of the time???????

How do I increase the stability of this system? At any COST! I will PAY.

Any help would be much much appreciated.


Currently very close to 100% with automations executing. 2 HEs + Caseta. Several integrations running on an SBC. All my contact and motion sensors are zigbee.

Over the last couple days, I've posted data about presence detection. Because I use multiple sensors, it is at 100% accuracy.

But it has taken a lot of effort over the last several months to get here.


I have about 50 devices, all but 4 zigbee. I do the updates. I only have 4 apps and 4 drivers. Rules are relatively simple, most are still RM 2.5. Stable.

C4 hub.

Any chance smartthings is still running? I think I’ve read by leaving it on, it can cause issues.

What kind if devices are you using ?

Me. For one...

I was, and still am, dominantly a Z-Wave household. I have 52 Z-Wave devices downstairs and a total of 104 devices, which means I have a lot of Virtual devices too. There are zero Zigbee devices on this hub and that radio is disabled. I rarely reboot it, except for platform upgrades. It's on v2.1.7 I don't have many apps on the Hub, but here's the list:

  • Better Laundry Monitor
  • Get Attributes App
  • HubConnect Remote Client
  • Lutron Integrator
  • Rule Machine. (41 rules)

I also have a Hubitat Hub for my 29 zwave; 21 zigbee; 77 total devices located Upstairs. Same deal with reboots. Rarely, usually via a platform update. Apps:

  • Advanced Button Controller,
  • Get Attributes App
  • HubConnect Remote Client
  • Lutron Integrator
  • Rule Machine.

There's probably some techniques you could use to divide and conquer the problem that is plaguing you.

You could, for example, add a virtual light and virtual motion sensor and tie those into your existing rules. You can then (via the Device Info page) trigger the virtual motion and verify the light always comes on, or does only the virtual one come on? In other words does it work 'inside the hub' ?

I'm thinking you need to determine if there's a Mesh problem or a defective hub or something else entirely. The above is my guess at how I would first try to divide the problem.

What Hubitat model do you have ?

I have a C-4 hub that has given me very little grief. I have 195 rules, 36 zigbee devices and 58 zwave devices. Never lost a device in a year. Had a couple slow downs and one apparent lockup so I set up a once weekly reboot in Rule Machine. Never a problem since. My house is 2 stories, 1500 sf per floor with a 2 car attached garage. I have a 3 car detached shop that is approximately 120 feet from the house. I have both zigbee and zwave devices working 100% in the shop as well as the house. I could not be more satisfied with my Hubitat Elevation.

We live on 3-1/2 acres in a very rural area of SW Missouri. I wonder if some people have issues because of all the RF traffic in typical residential neighborhoods. Cell phones, wireless intercoms, Alexa and Google, WIFI ISP, on-demand everything, etc. Golly I recall when the internet was a newborn and people would chew you out for including the original message when you replied to someone - saying you were needlessly eating up bandwith.....they wouldn't believe today.

At the risk of jinxing myself:

I have a C-4, 178 devices (including 42 Z-Wave, 36 Zigbee, 75 Lutron, and 10 Sonos).

28 Rule Machine rules (combination of 2.5 and 4), 6 Notification rules, 7 Motion Lighting Apps (one paused pending deletion), Mode Manager, 2 Lutron Caseta Integrations, Lock Code Manager (only 1 lock), 5 Simple Lighting Rules, Hubitat Safety Monitor (Water & Smoke), 11 Dashboards, 1 Group, 1 Scene, Google Home, and 8 Button Controllers.

No custom or community drivers or apps.

I live in a suburb. Unify says it can see 14 access points of neighbors. I have two access points.

I have had three "incidents" with Hubitat in about a year and a half -

  • One power supply died (Bobby offered to send me one but I found the same one on Amazon and was able to get it in 12 hours).

  • One hub lockup (Bobby suggested I disable Chromecast which I did and no further problems).

  • One incident last fall that I am now convinced was a combination of user error and a bad motion sensor.

We regularly leave the house for multiple weeks with a house-sitter who knows almost nothing about the system - she has not had any problems.

I usually wait a week or two after new releases before installing them. I typically only reboot after a new release. I backup and download the backup file after all significant changes to the system (Backup file is 17,584 KB). The Hubitat is on a CyberPower UPS.

I am happy with the stability of the system so far. It has been a significant improvement over my experience with SmartThings and the system is considerably larger (more devices) and more complicated than it ever was when I was on SmartThings.

It seems like everyone that has a stable system without needing reboots have the c4 model.

Most problems I’ve seen come from people with the c5 model.

I barely have any apps on my system and require a daily reboot to keep things running fast.

I have 5 hubs. My "Production" devices are one C-3 and two C-4. My "Development" devices are both C-5. They don't have much going on, but they don't get used for testing many issues/questions that come up here in the Community. I haven't had any issue with them.

My architecture using 3 hubs in production is largely as described above. My two Z-Device hubs are unaware of each other, rather a lot like the way two individual homes would be. The Third Hub has just about everything 'mirrored' so I can run a single Dashboard. Because everything is there on the third hub, I can also distribute that into Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit.

I think the BIGGEST help we can be, as a Community, is to pursue finding repeatable failures and submitting them. Ideally we can get these items knocked down one at a time.

Indeed. I agree.

However, I can and have only offered the help that I can permit.

My assumption is that it’s something to do with the c5 models.

Was thinking this too. I have 1 hub and about 200 devices on it. A mix of zigbee, zwave and wifi. All of my apps/drivers are written or rewritten by myself so I have very few built in apps/drivers. The only issues I am having right now is with my 2 zwave locks which I'm trying to figure out. Everything else is working perfectly fine and I never have to reboot. I only reboot for updates.