How stable


Just out of curiosity. Has anyone not touch anything and things have just run stable over a long length of time yet ?


Not me.. Hubitat keeps improving the Platform, and I keep clicking Update. :frowning:


Depends.... I apply updates a week or so after release or when I remember to. However I have never had a hub lockup or freeze or any of the weird behaviors that others have reported. However I'm unique in that I don't run ANY apps or anything on my hubs. They are purely device controllers.


I run what is probably a pretty average system, with about 110 devices of all types, 19 Apps, 24 RM rules, 10 MLs, 5 SLs, Groups, Alexa, Ecobee, MakerAPI, several user apps and user drivers - its perfectly stable. Never slows down or hangs up. Runs for weeks at a time between reboots for updates. I know others have had issues, I seem to have escaped them.

Watch it all go to hell now that I've said that...


Not one missed action nor a single error in 2 months of spending way too much time setting up the house. Am ready to get a 2nd hub for z-wave fire alarms in the garage, this is the first hub I have tried that I would actually take seriously if it were to give me a fire alarm message.


I have about 120 devices, 7 apps (Groups, Ecobee Suite, Dashboard, HSM, Lock Code Manager, Rule Machine, Zone Motion Controller) and close to 200 rule machine rules and actions defined.

My only app's that are not Hubitat is the Ecobe Suite and the only device drivers that are not Hubitat's are from Inovelli, LANnouncer Alerter and Logitech Harmony..

Even though I purchased the hub last year I waited for a better rule implementation before diving in deep. It took me about a month to migrate all of this from SmartThings and during the migration there were 3 to 4 hub updates that I applied along the way. I applied the last update last week and never had to force a reboot etc. I haven't seen a slow down in any of my critical triggered actions but some of my programmatic that heavily use global variables do get delays but those actions are based mostly on house mode and daylight/night transitions.

I would say it's been stable for me because I am doing most of my stuff in the native code and well vetted out drivers.


I also migrated from ST (which has been quite stable for me)
Running around 70 devices, 30 rules and 4 apps.

It took me awhile to migrate all pistons to RM4, but managed to do so.

Using HE for about a month or so, very stable so far.
Only one Xiaomi sensor dropped once (out of 30) bit I think the mesh is not reaching that spot quite well.

For zigbee, only using ikea and Xiaomi devices. Have nothing else on zigbee.
Next to some Z-Wave qubinos and plugs.

So far all good!


I've only been running Hubitat since...February (I think) but I have found it to be remarkably stable. I did have overheating problems, but that was purely my own fault!

Beyond that, in my early days of using it, I had a zwave switch or two drop off the network, and one single time (just the other day) both of my Hampton Bay Fan controllers dropped off my Zigbee mesh simultaneously.

But even my HBFCs have been remarkably stable considering all the complaints I've seen about them.

If I left stuff alone and just went with what I have, I think it would run pretty flawlessly.