How many Zwave switch/Dimmers are too many at once?

For turning off all lights before bed, how many Zwave switch/Dimmers are too many for one rule? In webcore (I'm migrating off) I had one piston that called several pistons with a 1 second delay between each piston. I have roughly 50 sw/dimmers.

I have one rule shutting down my whole house when me and my wife both are in bed. About 100 devices fire off I have them split up into 4 sets spaced out by 1 minute and haven't had any issues but each group completes in less than a second. The other 50 devices are contact sensors and motion sensors and don't turn off. You're probably fine doing them all in one tbh.

This is one of the great advantages of Zigbee over Zwave - apparently the "group messaging" approach allows you to affect many, many switches all at once and remove the popcorn effect.

I may have to try that. I tried it with all my sw/dims (~50) and it took some time. I've only tried it once, but maybe 20-30 seconds. I guess I need to break them up in some groups.

I created groups for each room. The groups come in handy for other stuff too, like if I leave a room and want to shut everything down in that room.

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Enabling "on/off optimization" in the group made a big difference for me (probably not as good if you don't have plus devices). This just sends the on or off command to devices that are off or on respectively, thus minimizing unnecessary z-wave (or Zigbee) traffic.

Which is one of the main reasons I have mostly Zigbee.

Can you show me an example of how you grouped them?

They mostly plus or just zwave?

Kinda hard to see from my phone though.

14 are non plus, 30 or so are plus.

Here's the rule for it


Shouldn't be too bad and it'll get better if you upgrade the older 14.

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curious about your bed presense?

SleepNumber Controller integration, but really you could just as easily use a pressure sensor.

If you have trouble with it triggering just sandwitch it between two ridgid flat objects like those plastic cutting boards or something. You don't need SmartThings either, the sensor connects to Hubitat just fine.


+1 to using groups and firing in one go. As well as room level groups, I have ~40 devices in a group called "Every light in the house except main bedroom and bathroom", which triggers on Sleep mode. And a similar group called "Every light in the house and hot water" to turn the house off when we set the burglar alarm. It takes up to 10 seconds for all the devices to respond (most respond within 1-2s), but they all do so no need to create complex rules to spread them out.

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