How many Users Total? Assign device(s) per user Options


Few questions here if you all don't mind please? )Thinking about purchasing)

I am interested in using this to help solve a challenge we are having at our Makerspace. We already leverage some smart plugs that are also supported by Hubitat. Shelly Plugs as well as some Sonoff plugs. We have about 100 members and need to be able to control by user who can access each plug, since they are the power controls for some dangerous tools like table saws.

It would also be nice if we could export usage logs to find out who uses which device the most.

Here are some of my questions:

  1. How many users can be granted access to the Hubitat?
  2. Is there a way to control what user has access to? Possible Roles/Groups?
  3. Access logs, what if anything can we see?

Thank you in advance.

To give some people access to a switch, you would create a dashboard, which can be protected with a PIN code. You can create multiple dashboards depending on how many switches, or groupings of switches, you have in mind.

An unlimited number of users could access dashboards for this purpose. But there wouldn’t be a simple way to see who did what, I don’t think it would be possible at all. You’ll be able to see when a switch turned on/off if you monitor the hub logs, but not who did it.

Wouldn’t this method of restricting access be pretty easy to circumvent though? Smart plugs typically have a physical button that can control on/off, so is there anything that would stop someone from just using that button to turn a saw on, if they’re motivated to use it and don’t particularly care about following your rules?


Some do have a setting to disable the physical button, so it could work if they have that option.


Generally true, but there are exceptions:


Why mess with a button when I could just remove the smart plug...


Some smart plugs don't have a button on them, and some have a button but it's disableable in settings. If it was really important one could create sets of virtual switches, so each user only had dashboard access to their own switches. Then if need be you could see which switch turned on which device.

Good point, so it would have to be either an in-wall smart socket or there would need to be a lockable socket cover with everything connected inside - though I don't think they come deep enough for both plug and smart plug

If different users had access to their own virtual switch that then triggered an RM to enable specific switches. Then individual logging could be done.

Or actually just assigning switches to personalized groups (the group could have just one switch in it) and then logging for the group could be enabled.

Just thinking as I type.

But as others have pointed out, circumventing the smart plug would need to be avoided.

Also I would be concerned about power ratings. If the smart plug was switched while the power tool switch was already engaged, it would take out the smart switch.

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Sorry should have mentioned these plugs are in a locked box that members don't have access to. So the button is not accessible.

We have purchased the correct rated plugs for each device. So as not to cause a safety issue or overload.

To give more perspective, our members have to go through training first before being granted access to control plugs / Use the machines.

Groups are ideal as it would be those who are trained vs those who are not.

Logging helps us track usage as well as our most frequent users.

Hubitat is not the right solution for your needs because it can’t easily track usage on a per user basis, even though user-specific virtual switches can be made.

There are still issues where multiple virtual switches controlling the same physical device can cause a virtual switch to fall out of sync with the physical device.

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Only thing I can think of would be a third party dashboard. Not sure if any of them offer usage metrics based on the dashboard? Otherwise a custom dashboard could probably be built that uses MakerAPI to control the devices, and at the same time logs metrics of when the buttons are pushed.

Thank you for your help!!

Any suggestions? I figured it would not be an easy answer. Thanks for your help as well!!

Point 2 is easy, someone else stated already you can create separate dashboards for different groups and looks like you could also setup per user dashboards so each person would have a link which you could remove if you want to end their access. Hubitat® Dashboard - Hubitat Documentation

Point 3 is what Hubitat would not do natively. If the dashboard app logged events, it would be perfect, but it currently does not. Not sure if the Sharptools integration does any sort of logging? Looks like on Sharptools you can share out dashboards to people as well. New Feature: Dashboard Sharing! - Announcements - SharpTools Community. Might be worth checking them out if they offer any metrics or logging on their end of who is accessing the dashboards. Hubitat has a built in Sharptools integration.

You could have a look at this new dashboard service [COMING SOON] hubiVue native iOS/Android dashboard app - #57 by byarnell05

@Maker_Dude It seems to be that non-commercial use is free while he's thinking of a paid service for advanced or business use. That means he might be open to working with you on a feature that can support usage logging.

Thank you very much sir, I will reach out to them.

Thank you for the suggestions.

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