How long does it take for a global variable to update?

Apps>RM3.0>GV>set GV>Pick GV,Change GV.
How do I get the change to reflect in the Rules.
Changed (5) to (10) and Rules still show (5).

A few min. later, I believe it to be used by the Rule, just not reflected on the Rules definition page.

If I understand the question - I don't think the info shown in the rule will update until you run the rule, or hit the update button.

The GV number in the rules page will not change dynamically, unless you refresh the page. The way to check the GV is to click on "Rule Machine" on the apps page (the place where you go when you want to begin another rule). On that first page, there is a list of GV's, with their values (although, that page does not dynamically update either).

Overall, this seems to be a weak point to me when trying to debug a complex rule. You can also put the Global Variable onto a Tile in the Dashboard; but I've found the Dashboard takes up to 70 secs to show the new value, and the push notification Dashboard on the phone changes at exactly the same moment (i.e. after about 70 secs). Even the logs seem to take quite a while to get updated when viewing the "live log".

I suspect that one of my rules, which starts by changing a global variable, doesn't succeed in getting the value to change until after the rule has finished - which is too late.