How has HE saved you

OK, I'll start, yesterday i received a message on my Echo, "Oh CRAP, water is leaking under the kitchen sink"

Yup, found the p-trap was leaking in the back and it would have been weeks if not months before it would have been found if it weren't for a Smartthings Leak Sensor

A couple months ago, similar message at the washing machine, found my wife started a cleaning cycle and soap suds were spewing out the back and down the wall to a new model Smartthings Leak Sensor

Thank you HE, simple automation saved the day :slight_smile:



Similar for me. Recently, an Iris v2 leak sensor under kitchen sink detected a leaking pull-out faucet hose. Moen quickly shipped a free replacement hose.


The water line to my fridge ice maker sprung a small leak. Was able to detect it and shut off the water supply.


I think water/leak sensors are the #1 most useful home protection that home automation can add.

Most other things are convenience, but that function is a true cost/damage saver - especially when paired to a whole house water shutoff valve.


It would take 3 men and a boy to get my fridge out, the cabinet it's in is such a tight squeeze... However it's one I had forgotten about
Sinks, toilets, whole house water system, dishwasher and hot water heater all taken care of :slight_smile:


A hose was left on in the garden near a basement window. Was awoken by my Google Home informing me of the leak at said window. Had it not been for Hubitat it would have ran all night and we do not go in the basement daily so it could have been a while.


I have a z-wave water valve set to turn off if any water is detected. I have sensors in each bathroom, by the washer, under the dishwasher and refrigerator.

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I do have water sensors, and these have saved me with a leaky sink.
I've also been saved by Hubitate telling me as we drove away and put our home into Vacation mode that our Front Door was left unlocked!!

We live in a neighborhood where there have been random people checking open doors, not ours, but that made us feel so good.

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Agree, I have an announcement if we leave the garage door open... Just love this stuff :slight_smile:


I can tell you where I made a mistake. I didn't put a water sensor under our culligan RO tank. Guess what? YUP. My husband found it weeks later. It didn't do much damage because of the location, but I learned a lesson there. When we remodeled our bathroom, two sensors landed behind the new vanity by the plumbing and there are more to come. Love those little guys!


Let's not forget this fiasco. Still gives me a chuckle

Lockdown protection for the most vulnerable:

A home-care medical patient can set up a decontamination chamber in a garage for incoming groceries and medical supplies. A sign directs all deliveries and mail to be placed in the garage on wire baker's racks. Alexa command closes the door and turns on the commercial ozone generator plugged into a smart outlet. O3 blankets the shipping boxes and containers. An Alexa sleep timer turns off the ozone generator after 30 minutes. Alexa command opens the door to dissipate the ozone.

Unpack the items, spread them out on shelving. Repeat decontamination procedure.

... I would add up an UV C lamp too. do'nt you?

Yes, there is a UV-C set up similarly to the O3 generator, but the O3 generator setup has proven to be the easiest. And with the wire bakers racks, ozone envelopes the entire exterior in one operation. UV-C required flipping and rearranging due to shadows, etc.

Medical supply shipments are large (20 boxes, on average) and require spreading around the garage floor and treating a couple of times. All shipments -medical, Amazon, and mail- are like Russian nested dolls and need to be treated sequentially. When through unpacking, leave gloves and jackets to be treated, too.

HE and Alexa do a great job managing this .

I would say that HE has not "saved" me at all!

In fact it has cost me untold amounts of $$$ and time feeding my horrible, terrible HA addiction... not to mention the toll on my marriage...

If it just wasn't such an amazing device to begin with I maybe could have broken free.. but no.

Thanks a lot...

:wink: :rofl:

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Hasn't saved me yet (thankfully), with the 5 iris leak sensor under sinks and the water main. I really should buy another 5 pack from alex_sari on ebay if he posts any again.

The favorite simple automation is after adding a shelly to a light switch in the garage that handles flood lights over the garage. Opening the front door at night will trigger that to turn on for 5 minutes when letting the dogs out. Such a simple automation but so convenient!