How hard is it to port homebridge apps to Hubitat

For example, homebridge have wonderful nest and ring plugins. Are they hard to reverse engineer? How involved is it? Also a my q garage app that uses the api to report open/closed states.

Also, I understand this is open source, but is there a way to pay someone to develop these?

If you search the message boards you'll probably find that someone has already come up with integrations for the devices you want for Hubitat.

I did, and I don’t THINK they have

I know there is a Nest integration (I use it) and I know I've read posts about Ring and MyQ integrations as well.

I search nest, I believe I read it requires the developers account, which the no longer give

I setup the nest integration last week, and it worked great. GitHub - tonesto7/nst-manager-he: NST Manager for Hubitat

I ended up deleting the NST Manager integration, because my hub locked up every other night without fail and I had already deleted all other custom code. I no longer have to reboot it every other day, or at all. It was a great app, but now I am using the Nest integration on Homebridge, and Homebridge-Hubitat-Hubconnect to do some things via triggers. Not nearly as nice as NST Manager was though.

Does that homebridge app make homebridge acessories available in Hubitat? I wonder if that’s a my q garage work around

Unfortunately no, it’s one way

Okay, thank you for the quick reply