How does one startup

I am new to this and bought some Google home mini, Phillips hue bulbs, motion sensors with hub, an hubitat c, and meross wifi switches. I have two poblems

  1. The phillips hue motion sensors range drop significantly when I integrate them in Hubitat, I have to be literally standing in front of it.
  2. How do i get the meross wifi switches to work in hubitat.

Welcome to Hubitat. I might be wrong, but I don't think that Hubitat supports Meross WiFi switches and outlets directly. You should be able to integrate them via IFTTT, if Meross has an IFTTT integration.

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Welcome to the Hubitat community!

The connection issue may be related to the Hue Bulbs. They will try to repeat the Zigbee signals, as that’s how Zigbee works, but while they happily repeat the signals for bulbs on HE, they do a terrible job of repeating the signal for other devices.

You will have very stable performance by adding a Hue bridge, add the lights to the bridge and control them via the Hue Integration app in HE. The Motion Sensors will be fine to leave on HE if you want, but combining them with Hue bulbs on the same HE hub will cause the Zigbee mesh to become unstable.

If you don’t want to add a Hue Bridge, then you can return the Hue bulbs and instead buy Sengled bulbs. They are the only Zigbee bulbs know NOT to try to repeat the Zigbee signal.

If your home is large (and even if it’s not), you are going to want to add Zigbee repeaters for a stable Zigbee network. IKEA TRÅDFRI outlets and the dedicated TRÅDFRI signal repeater are inexpensive and work well over moderate distances.

Here’s a document that will help

In regard to the Wi-Fi devices, there are some that are officially supported, but most that work or community drivers and not supported by Hubitat staff. There is a particular way to control Wi-Fi devices that are supported by Google Assistant, but it is a bit advanced if you’re just starting out. This method to his community created and not supported by Hubitat staff. however it works really well and I use it myself also. Currently it’s only downside is getting status back from the device is a bit difficult. One of the community members is actually working on something that might make that easier


I’d suggest returning them and buying z-wave or zigbee switches, which will pair directly with hubitat.


Thanks for the advice but I am still lost I have the Phillips hub and HE, I used the Phillips hub to setup the bulbs and motion sensors, on integrating them hubitat couldn't find the motion sensor (the sensors apparently can only be connected to 1 hub at a time unlike the bulbs), so I removed the sensors and HE found them. I used the simple light setup in HE to make the motion sensors trigger the bulbs. I am going to try moving the HE closer to the wifi router because it's in another room

Ah OK. Understood now. So you have a Hue bridge and all Hue bulbs are on the bridge. That’s good.

HE cannot interact with the motion sensors when they’re paired with the Hue bridge. However, paired to HE without the bulbs to interfere should work well if you have not extended beyond their range. Does not sound like you have. You may need time for the mesh to stabilize. However, repeaters such as the TRÅDFRI outlet and dedicated repeater are really inexpensive and do help to stabilize things quite a bit


Wish I could but thanks for responding live in Jamaica, can GE switches work with HE without an GE hub.

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Yes. Here is a list of known compatible devices.

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Thanks good info. So even though I use hue app in HE the bulbs aren't really connected to HE but to the phillips hue hub?

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Exactly. This make the Phillips Hue bulbs very happy, because they are repeating for each other in perfect harmony on the system that was built for them. They will not try to repeat for the devices on HE, because they are on their own Zigbee network. The HE integration is excellent in my experience since the first release. This, and Lutron Caséta integrations are very stable, or have been for me at least. On occasion the Caséta bridge has needed a reboot, but the Hue bridge, I cannot recall the last time it needed a reboot.

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Thank you very much for your assistance I was about to put HE away and get some other hub. I move HE closer to my wifi router and that motion sensor seem to be working better, going to do the rest tonight, I will definitely order the zigbee repeater. Thanks again

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