How does HE handle large operations?

We have a "goodnight" button that turns off all the lights and puts the mode to sleep. Using RM.
Unfortunately it's very slow, sometimes taking 5-10 seconds to get round to all the lights, sometimes the bedroom lights being last in line. How are these events handled? Sequentially or parallel? Any suggestions how to speed this up?

I would like to speed things up a bit as well. Mine take about the same amount of time. Maybe it’s because not all of my z-wave devices are plus series and they may be slower.

Good question, and if you seen any of my posts of the z wave mesh problems, I think HE handles the events sequentially, when I was testing my usb stick with zensys, the software includes a turn all on and off button, pressing it turned everything on in parallel !! It was beautiful, but HE doesn't, I have the same behavior as you, some first, then others, then others...

I have non plus devices too.

The hub has parallel processing. However, in some cases the z-wave radio can be a bottleneck From time to time I run a test to time turning off about 50 z-wave devices in one Rule. It has improved dramatically over the past year, but still takes a few seconds. We are actively working in this area of hub performance, and I'm hopeful you will see improvement soon.

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All On and All Off get complicated because many devices allow you to exclude THAT device from those commands. Therefore you'd also have to adjust Hubitat to expose those commands in just about every driver. You might want all the lights to "subscribe" to the All On/Off, but probably not the fish aquarium. You'd have to find the command for the aquarium's device(s) and manually exclude them.

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