How Do You Know if its Just the Zwave Switch

I've got a Zwave (Eva Logik) that is not responding to commands. It does work manually pressing the button. If I do a repair on the device it says there are no issues but if I try and turn it off and on from the device screen, dashboard or automations it doesn't respond. The other one I bought at the same time, hard died and the switch did nothing so I'm wondering if this one is also dead but faking me out... Any way to tell if its the switch or Hubitat?

I especially dont get how it can be updated but no activity. I have flipped it on and off many times and tried many attempts via the device page.


Might want to try turning debug on on the device page and then try a couple of iterations to see what is generated.

Yeah there is nothing coming across which is making me suspicious that it’s the switch. No activity recorded and no way to get anything on the hub yet repairs work no issue and manual activity works (but not noted on hub).

Did you hit Configure on the device screen? If you did, then it may be time to delete the switch, exclude it, and then redo the discovery/include.

Thanks. Think that’s this weekends job. It’s in a tough space to get to do a pain it keeps having issues. Not sold on the Eva Logik switches.

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