How do you have a device send to another device?


You never said it had to be pretty :smile:


Your discussions got me curious about the Magic Cube so I brought it up in youtube to see it in action. At minute 9 of the video below, my ABC app made a cameo. I have to admit it was strange seeing my app in a YouTube video.

Pretty awesome little device. Looks like it's fun to play with but impossible to use with a 3 year old in the household.


There is one member that orders a random pizza from Dominos based how the MagicCube falls when you roll it. Wouldn't that be fun for your 3 year old????


I'm sure she would have an absolute blast!
Unfortunately the party would be over once 90 random pizzas show up at the front door


Ok so I just submitted my changes to @bptworld on his github repository. Works awesome overall. Just need to add more code to the Logitech Harmony to do a repeat of volume up/down so it works in increments. :slight_smile:


@ogiewon - I added the ability for volume to be repeated by a # of times. Submitted a change to your code.


I have merged your pull request. Thanks!