How do Thermostat Control & Thermostat Scheduler Interact?

I'm having a hard time understanding how the Thermostat Controller and Thermostat Scheduler apps should interact. First, should I set them both to control the physical thermostat? Or should I set the scheduler to control the controller app that controls the physical thermostat?

You will want to use Thermostat Scheduler on the virtual "controller" thermostat device that Thermostat Controller creates, not on any individual controlled thermostat--otherwise, you'll run into the same problems you'd run into if you changed the controlled thermostat manually, i.e., Thermostat Controller will likely overwrite it with its own settings.

That's helpful. Thank you! Okay, I've started from scratch setting up the Thermostat Controller to control the HVAC - House thermostat. I also set up the Thermostat Scheduler to control the virtual thermostat created by the Thermostat Controller. I think I got it all set up correctly, but it's not behaving the way I expected. The current heat set point on the schedule is 69 degrees, but the unit is setting to 65.5 degrees in heat mode. I've attached some screenshots in hopes you can help me.

Looks like the controlling thermostat is reporting a temperature (71) greater than your setpoint (69). I wouldn't look much at the the controlled thermostat, as the controller takes over that, and it won't always appear how you expect if the controller doesn't actually need to do anything.

Okay, thanks. Is there a way to have it just set the set points and change the mode based on the current temperature? I ask because my HVAC unit is a mini split, so it's very helpful for the unit to know the target temperature and be able to adjust its capacity to maintain it as efficiently as possible.

In other words, I'm looking for something that will allow me to create schedules with different set points based on time and something that will change the mode (heat/cool) based on the room temp in relation to the set points. I hope that makes sense.

Do you need Thermostat Controller for this at all? That is only useful if you want to add in other sensors, i.e., if you don't want to use the temperature reading from your actual thermostat. It looks like you might from your screenshot, but it's worth asking--because then this would be a lot simpler. To set schedules with different setpoints, all you need is Thermostat Scheduler.

But otherwise it should be basically the same idea with a Thermostat Controller thermostat, just using the controller device instead of the controlled thermostat(s). If that's not working as you expect, there may be something else in your setup that I'm missing.

I would love to be able to incorporate more sensors, but it's not essential to my setup. Will the scheduler change the modes automatically? How does it decide which mode to set and when to change the modes?

If by "modes" you mean heating vs. cooling, I'm not sure Thermostat Scheduler can do that (but I've never tried--you might need to wait for someone who has used the app more than I have). I believe it will just set the setpoint by time or mode according your configuration, using the current heating or cooling mode state from the thermostat to know which.

A rule or whatever automation you can think of certainly could, however. Some thermostats also have an "auto" mode that will do whichever according to some settings on the thermostat itself, which may (or may not) be configurable from the hub/driver. And again, Thermostat Controller should be able to work in conjunction with Thermostat Scheduler here (as long as you use the controller thermostat), so if something is wrong in your case, I'm not sure what.

(And if you're wondering how I do it on my thermostat: manually. :slight_smile: It's about a twice a year process in these parts, fall/winter and summer/spring, so I've never felt the need to automate it.)

Thanks for the reply! I live in Oklahoma City, so it's not uncommon for us to need heating and cooling in the same day. These temperature swings can be wild! :sweat_smile:

If by "modes" you mean heating vs. cooling, I'm not sure Thermostat Scheduler can do that (but I've never tried--you might need to wait for someone who has used the app more than I have).

Yes, it can. If you see the screenshot of the scheduler page, Mode is all the way on the right of each day range that is configured. I have the following options for mode when selecting it:

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I need to be able to have my hub manage thermostat mode based on a temperature input. That way it can set cooling when it's above a certain temp and heating below a different temp. My understanding is that the Thermostat Controller can do that. I was hoping to utilize that functionality of the Thermostat Controller with the scheduling functionality of the Thermostat Scheduler.

Do you have Auto as an option in the TS mode setting?

Yes, but unfortunately, the way the thermostat works it only allows for a single setpoint in auto mode. I have found that to be unusable because 72 is too warm in heat mode and too cold in cooling mode.

In your screenshot, you have a cool and a heat setpoint. When the mode is Auto is it not using both setpoints?

When using the Thermostat Controller app, the unit's thermostat simply takes the latest setpoint (heat or cool) as the setpoint. It functions the same whether it's in heat, cool or auto modes on the unit. In the screenshot below, I set the Thermostat Controller the heat setpoint at 69 and the cool setpoint at 74. The screenshot is what it showed on the device page after setting those setpoints.
Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 5.23.54 PM

That is the device page for the actual thermostat, not the controller, correct?

Here is my actual tstat device page when the controller is in auto:

And how it looks on a dashboard with the physical device on the top and the controller device below it:

If you disable the controller and set the physical tstat to auto does it show in auto then?

When in cool I only have one set point showing:

I recorded a screenshot video to show the behavior I'm seeing: Dropbox - Screen Recording 2023-05-08 at 8.06.33 - Simplify your life

The unknown for fan mode looks to be an issue to me and could be part of what is messing this all up. We have passed my level of helpfulness so I am tagging @bobbyD to see if he can help or point you in the right direction.

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