How Do Light Groups Work?


Thanks for your reply. it now seems to be working, and the color change is working on all the lights in the group. So YAY. :slight_smile:

thanks again.


Woot! Awesome!

Just as a warning, once you start messing with it more, know that there is a bug that when you rename a group or a scene in the app, the underlying device does not get renamed. I reported it to support and I believe it's getting fixed in the 2.0.7 release. But, don't quote me on that. :wink:


Your symptoms made me think: Careful to NOT skip clicking Done.



good to know! thanks


possibly. it was a whiskey night!


Clicking the final Done causes Rules to be evaluated. It still surprises me when I do that and the thing I was debugging springs to life. Palm to forehead moment. :slight_smile:


St. Patty's day isn't for 3 more days. My whiskey is waiting for me. :wink: LOL