How do I send parameters to hubitat via http

Hey all. I want to use the airplay feature rule machine to play some announcements. I am using an app called Shortery to monitor an apple calendar to trigger an apple shortcut. I want that shortcut to send the calendar event title to hubitat and have hubitat use the airplay integration to read the title I pass as a parameter in the call. Is this possible with rule machine or webCoRE?

Both of them provide endpoint processing with parameter passing, so theoretically possible.

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I thought that was true for both also, but I can't find the documentation on how to do it with rule machine.

Should give you the link if you create a rule and designate it as having a URL trigger.

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Have you looked at simply using Hubitat’s built-in Maker API app, to expose the Hubitat “AirPlay” device, and then have your external system simply make a Maker API call to cause the notification to play?


Honestly….. that hadn’t even occurred to me as an option. I’ll take a look.


I’m just getting back to this. I’m clearly missing how to send the speak command to maker api.

I have this, but nothing ever speaks.


Never mind. I’ve figured it out

it’s speak/foo

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