How do i see the switched inputs from my zooz multirelay

i think the answer is probably super obvious but all ive used my hub for so far is turning lights on and off.

i recently bought a zooz multi relay, i have it added to the hubitat and buttons on my dashboard can turn the relays on and off.

yet i dont see how to ad the switches so i can hardwire something to it as an input.

i wanted to use one input to monitor contacts to tell me that the pump for my condensing boiler has a high water level.

i thought it might be in the HSM but i added that app and it seems to support contact switches but i dont have any devices show up.

The 3 switch inputs are directly tied to each relay (or almost), they are used for local control just like a z-wave or zigbee wall switch would do. So when the switch state changes, the relay state will change also. When the state of the relay changes, it will report this change to the hub and that's all they are used for.

If you don't mind losing a relay, you could use the state of the relay with some clever rules and use it like you want, but it would not be a best practice scenario.

Oh well that sucks.

What's a good device to monitor a set of contacts then?

Are you looking for open/close reports to the hub or are on/off ok? You could leave the outputs (relay terminals) empty and just use their status changes in HE to monitor the inputs. But remember that the input needs to be dry contact (no voltage) or used with a ZAC98 accessory relay if you need to monitor a low-voltage input.

i want to monitor 2 things:
1 open/ closed dry contacts on the alarm for my condensate pump
2 a water alarm for my sump pump pit to tell me if my sump pump fails and the pit starts to fill up. ( i haven't purchased a water alarm but i think something simple should work i doesnt even need to be a smart device )

i also wanted to monitor my freezer and spare fridge in the basement so i bought an implant from smarteshouse today and some of the DS18B20 temperature sensors that are recommended, from amazon

You can connect the dry contacts to the Sw terminals and get on/off reports on the relay side in HE that you can use for custom notification and rules. Inputs/sw terminals are linked to outputs (R terminals) on the ZEN16 so they will not show separately in the HE interface.

If the water alarm will have a dry contact output, then you can use it in the same was as above. You could also create virtual wet/dry water devices on HE and sync it with the ZEN16 on/off relay if you needed wet/dry reports to be used in specific rules or automations.

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i know someone from zooz is listening here. i have one of these relays and it doesnt work correctly.
was working and after reboot of hub doesnt work unless i climb up the latter and reboot it..
"It will not answer to repair requests and itself is not initing a repair when there are two good 3 good repeaters right in the garage with it that are woorking find..
a zooz switch a gd-00z8 garage opener and another..
Garage Relay Parent2020-10-15 20:40:16.509 seqNo: 140, routeChanged: false, transmissionTime: 1ms, repeaters: [46, 15], speed: 40 kbs, rssi: [N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A, N/A], Ack channel: 1, Transmit channel: 1

Garage Relay Parent2020-10-15 20:39:30.772 seqNo: 140, routeChanged: false, transmissionTime: 1ms, repeaters: [46, 15], speed: 40 kbs

Garage Relay Parent

is there a firmware update i can get to fix this before i rip it out and put another gd-00z-8 in its place?

  • deviceType: 40960
  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • inClusters: 0x5E,0x6C,0x55,0x9F
  • zwNodeInfo: D3 9C 01 04 10 01 5E 6C 55 9F 68 23 F1 00 86 25 85 5C 8E 59 72 5A 73 60 70 7A
  • secureInClusters: 0x86,0x25,0x85,0x8E,0x59,0x72,0x5A,0x73,0x60,0x70,0x7A
  • firmwareVersion: 1.02
  • deviceId: 40970
  • S2: 1
  • manufacturer: 634

Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting the device to work! There aren't any firmware updates necessary for the device to work perfectly well with HE. Any version works fine and it doesn't seem like the issue is firmware-related. That could be a communication or association issue so I'd recommend excluding the Multirelay and re-including it to see if it can re-establish a good connection with the hub. And if that doesn't help, please get in touch with our support, we'll be happy to do some more troubleshooting and get that fixed for you!

i got it working .. brought in house.. updating firmware.. but i dont think that was the issue.
I believe there is a firmware issue or hub firmware when paired in s2 unsecure mode.. repairs fail and the device never would obtain new routes when it ran into issues. .. I re-paired unsecure and it was working fine.. But I was able to reproduce the issue when pariing s2 unsecure..

Do you mean S2 Unauthenticated or a different security mode? We'll look into it to see if we can replicate the issue!

Yes s2 unathenticated
. I got an email from support that the issue is known and you need to pair it without security.


Thank you for the update, Laurence!

We're happy to hear you were able to update the firmware successfully and get the device working as expected.

Yes, there are still a few inclusion problems seen with S2 security and multi-channel devices on Hubitat that we're waiting to be resolved on the latest C-7 hub platform update. In the meantime, the ZEN16 needs to be paired without any security.

Please let us know if you have any other questions going forward.



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I've just ordered the zooz multirelay, so I'll be watching this thread too.

My application needed three independent inputs and three outputs. I was using two MIMO 2+ in parallel and jumped at the chance of replacing with a single device. Extremely disappointed to discover that I couldn't use the inputs of the Zen16.
While I'm on the rant... why would you design a box that has to be dismounted and turned over to access the terminal screws?