How do I revert back to the original dashboard after clicking on a link tile

..... without using the browser back button.

Background : I created a link to my camera stream which works fine (I got tired of seeing a 1 second update via the normal image tile) but now that I've got my nice 20fps video showing how do I revert back to the dashboard without using browser controls?

I'm casting to a Nest hub so everything has to be done on the dashboard itself. I can't create a link back, or can I?

Create a tile on the dashboard and choose the type "Dashboard link" then choose the dashboard you want to link to.

Click the small + sign in the top right corner of your dashboard.
2020-12-07 15_10_05-Dashboards

Select the Dashboard Link as your type.
2020-12-07 15_10_22-Dashboards

Select the dashboard you want to link to.
2020-12-07 15_10_51-Dashboards

The link to camera stream (say 192.x.x.x:xxxx) pops the stream into its own dashboard with no apparent way back.

If I create a new dashboard instead how do I show the live stream in that dashboard? Do I use iframes?

You cannot use 20fps with dashboard they do not refresh that fast (would crush your hub). You have to use 1 sec. If you have PTX you can add preset using my post here.

EDIT: you could possibly do it in an iframe window, but not 100% sure on that.

That's what I'm doing at the moment. I wanted to see a stream with more that 1fps when I click on the image tile so I was going to overlay a link to the mjpeg stream on the image tile.

Which works but as I said I can't get back to the original dashboard.

PS : I'm not wanting to have a permanent 20fps video (or even 10fps) on the dashboard (the stream bandwidth would be too much), just to have the ability to view it when I need to. No big deal if it isn't possible :grinning:

EDIT: Just tried this Putting live video from (almost) any web/ip camera into your dashboard. Seems to work fine for just on demand viewing.