How Do I Reset the Accumulated Energy on the Minoston Z-Wave Plug with Energy Monitor MP31ZP

Looks like it works just fine. Thank you for implementing this!


Awesome, and if you need to change any device settings just refer to the mfg docs and use the command button to change them manually.

Wanted to add that the manufacturer released their drivers which now have the reset capability.

In all honesty, I actually tried uploading the Zooz firmware onto the device. It accepted the fw but then for a while it wasn't reporting its actual state (off when on, on when off). So I decided to revert to the mfg firmware and got it from their page.

The issue for me was that having a C4 I didn't have a way to upload from the hub as the only way was to provide an http url to the *.gbl file. So what I did was self host the file on one of my computers and got the device firmware uploader to use that url.

Here is the driver and firmware download page:

Do not confuse driver with firmware. The driver is installed on the hub, firmware is installed to the device itself.

I do not think anyone suggested to install the Zooz firmware to another brand of device, please do not do this. My Zooz driver I converted to be a universal driver that could work for other metering devices, does not require Zooz firmware. My driver also already had the option to reset the energy stats. But, it is good that Minoston has published their own driver for HE. More manufacturers need to start supporting their own devices with drivers!

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Hi, I tried the Zooz firmware based on my own logic...that it was similar hw. I was curious to see what the effects were. Now I know and am sharing my exp.

Thanks for all your help @jtp10181 !

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