How do I know when a driver has been updated?

My Fibaro RGBW-441 driver update was available but unknown to me. I recently excluded and reincluded and the "same" driver from the built in driver list acted much differently and my issues seem to have resolved.

So my question is, how do I know if I am using the most current driver or not? And can I change the driver to "Device" then change back to the built in driver to update it? It seemed with the Fibaro the driver would stay the same (i.e. the old driver) unless I did something.
I have been reading the release notices and likely missed any mention of an update for this driver.

My Fibaro RGBW-441 that has been marginally functional for a few years. However since I set it and never change the settings the function was acceptable. But I changed LED strips and ran head on into the shortcomings of the "old" installed driver.

Usually by watching the boards here. If a driver is working for you don't fix it, Long term stability is more important than destabilizing the platform with a new feature in a driver that some wouldn't use. I know there is the mindset that you have to be on the latest version but fight that urge.

In your case there was defiantly something in the RGB driver for the device. This is why I have a test device before I deploy to my production system.

If you are using Hubitat Package Manager it will alert you of any Driver or App updates that were installed using it.


Hubitat Changelogs when firmware updates roll out.


Or just once in a while go through your community drivers that aren't in HPM and look for updates.

Now that is weird. I would have thought that when the hub did it's update, that it would have automatically overwritten the old driver.

What I suspect happened is that by reinstalling, the driver did a "configuration". And by doing that with the updated driver, it read/corrected/set things correctly.

There should be:

  1. a driver version visible on the device page.
  2. some indication that the driver was updated.
  3. Had the driver been overwritten my repeated actuation of the "configuration" tile should have made some change AND the Issue I had where "the state (on/off) was not updated in the database but the dimmer functioned" should have changed.

I've read the release notes before updating the "OS" I don't recall seeing anything on this driver, but I guess I could have missed one.