How do I get the Echo devices to be listed on Hubitat Devices page?

I have a shop that has HE installed in it along with Alexa & Google speaker. I have the Alexa Skill enabled & all works fine. I can control all HE devices like my bulbs, switches, etc thru Alexa which is an Echo Show 5. It works fine in HE when I tell Alexa to turn stuff off & on.

My problem is that the Echo Show 5 is NOT listed in the HE "devices" section of HE but the Google speaker is. When I want to use the Echo Show 5 as a 'speaker' or as an annoucment in HE, I only have the option in "Rules" to use the Google speaker.

How to I get the Echo Show 5 to be listed in HE devices?

This is because the Alexa integration is one-way, Hubitat devices exposed to Alexa. Amazon does not have an official means of going the other direction, though there are some unofficial efforts like Echo Speaks if you wanted to look into those.

This is similar to the Google Home integration. What makes that different is that there is also a (different) Chromecast integration that allows Google speakers to be exposed as devices to Hubitat. The latter sounds like what you must have set up for those, possibly both.


You are correct...I do have Chromecast integration set up on the shop HE, but not the Echo speaks thing. I didn't think about having to have that installed. Thank you..will install Echo speaks now!


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