How Do I Get Android Mobile App to Actually Nofity Me?

So I can send a notification to my phone from the phone device in the Devices list by using the 'deviceNotification' command. I can the go to phone Tools and Notifications and see the message.

The phone does not notify me in anyway that I have received a notification. The app has 'Show Notifications' enabled as well as 'Allow sound and vibration'. What do I need to do to get a notification that I have a notification?

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Have you set up your notification messages individually in each mode, rule, device, etc? That needs to be done. There are not any canned notifications built into the hub. You will need to write each notification you want to recieve that's why I don't use notifications as much as I could. I also switched to using pushover instead of the app when you start using various integrations (in my case ecowitt) it brings them all together in one place

Do you have one or more than one HE hub? If more than one, are you logged onto the hub generating the notification?

What type of phone are you using? If it's android what model? I had the same issue with my android phone were the carrier installed a "battery saver" 3rd party app that was my reason. It was permanently installed so I had to follow a few steps to make sure it didn't launch again. Once I disabled that app I always receive the notifications.

I don't use 'modes', I get the manually sent notification in the mobile app, the problem is that I don't get notified that I have a notification. I would expect a notification to somehow notify me.

Only have 1 hub, I see the notification message in the mobile app, I just don't get notified that I have gotten a notification.

Have you set up your phone properly? I have Android, and you have to turn on notifications per app so they appear in the phone notification area, show msg count badge etc. I seem to recall it's similar wirh IOS

I know they keep changing this crap on Android but think that should be setup correctly.

Strange...mine is set the same but all works OK :thinking:

The app notifications have been hit or miss for me. It'll work for awhile, and then stop.

I switched over to Passover, and it's been much better, especially since I can send specific messages and play specific sound files. Now I know what's going on without even look at my phone.

I have a similar issue where new notifications from my Hubitat aren't displayed. More of an Android problem than Hubitat issue since my Hubitat appears to send the notifications fine.

What I found on my S21 was that after 24 notifications, new ones aren't displayed. I have to clear the notifications (downswipe on home screen, then hit 'clear' below the notifications). After clearing them, I will get new notifications again until it hits 24 and I have to clear again. I don't know if there's any way to auto clear the Hubitat notifications...this would be helpful.

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