How do I clear Intrusion Disarmed?

Intrusion alert by accident. Now I cannot clear it. Arming and disarming does not clear it.

should be a cancel alert button on the page

Your screenshot doesn’t show an intrusion alert.

It says “intrusion disarmed,” which I assume is the current status of your HSM intrusion monitoring?

I just set off the alarm again, and yes, the cancel button appeared. But it did not reset anything.

I thought before that it showed "Disarmed"

Can’t help you there, but if the current status of HSM is that intrusion monitoring is disarmed, and water/leak alert monitoring is armed, then your screenshot shows what I would expect.

Here’s what mine currently looks like. Intrusion alerts are disarmed, smoke and water alerts are armed.

I guess that is the way it is supposed to be. For some reason I thought that it used to show a green "Disarmed" but maybe not. Thanks.